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The human rights and educational festival QUEERFEST will take place in “ARTMUZA” in St Petersburg. The festival events are united through one common topic of fate and lifeline. The festival is going to be very personal: each day will uncover stories of people who live their lives and look for happiness right now regardless difficult environment.

Where Love is Illegal”, a project by human rights photographer Robin Hammond, which is being exhibited at QUEERFEST this year, demonstrates discriminative gender politics of heteronormative societies – and how far it can go. Cameroon, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Russia, Tunisia, Uganda, South Africa, and Jamaica: love stories turn into stories of survival when love story photography is shot in countries where bi-/homosexual relations and other alternative identities are banned legally and/or publicly.

The QUEERFEST program is filled with lectures, workshops, body practices, theatre plays, documentary cinema and events dedicated to famous LGBT people’s lives – you ought to see it!

The “My Intersex Story” collection continues with our series of publications of personal stories by QUEERFEST. Three stories about intersex people – three lives, three paths towards recognition and acceptance of own corporality, towards escape from fear, shame and pain. “My Intersex Story” is one of the first publications in Russia about intersex. All festival guests will be able to get a copy of the book.

The festival is ending with the concert: provocative ?ngie and melodious Parks, Squares & Alleys will perform at the closing ceremony.

Daytime and evening events are free. At the concert, there will be some entrance fee. The main festival venue is ARTMUZA, 13th line of Vasilyevsky Island, 70-72.

More details about events at Line up.


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