We all live one life. Here and now. Today we are falling in love and studying; right now talking to our parents, looking for support or for a job, making friends. We are getting to know our body, accepting our health issues, building our family, opening up our sexuality. Now.

We cannot wait till they will "allow" us to do those: our life has already started, and we are living it the way we can. Yes, under these difficult Russian conditions. We exist. And in 2017 we are inviting our guests totake a trip through our life lines.

"Following the Life Line" is the topic of this year QUEERFEST. We want to get into stories of people from our communities by expressing the everyday LGBT culture. Everything taking place in a real life of each of us will be present here – voices, love, loneliness, addictions, families, bodies, physical and mental health, age, death.

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